Brittany Furlan Snapchat Username


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Brittany Furlan famous for her vines is the name that can instantly bring smiles to your face. Born September 5, 1986 in Los Angeles, she is an American comedian and internet star! She was the most followed female star on Vine until 2015 when she left and currently boasts 4.5M social media followers. And that means you definitely should follow her on Snapchat because her medium may change, but the sense of humor will not! Furlan tried TV before becoming a star on vine, un-knowingly! She is also planning a comedy show produced by Seth Green and signed with content network Endemol.Furlan is most applauded for her work on, We Are Your Friends (2015), How to Have Sex on a Plane (2015) and Facebook Is Not Your Friend (2014). Brittany was named among the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet by Time’s. Consequently, she has a net worth of $800 thousand according to celebrity Net Worth.

Brittany Furlan Snapchat Username

What Is Brittany Furlan Snapchat Username

Brittany Furlan Official Snapchat Username is: BrittanyFurlan

Official Instagram: brittanyfurlan

Official Twitter: BrittanyFurlan

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Brittany’s Vine to Success:

Furlan migrated to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting but studies fashion as backup. She made her debut when she was noticed by a casting director and aired on hidden camera show, “Reality Hell” in 2009. Furthermore she was casted in “Prank My Mom” which was another hidden camera show, but it wasn’t until she accumulated 1.2 million followers on Twitter’s Vine app that she caught the interest of agents around town, and her first sponsor.

Soon enough she got banned from Target and she talked about it too: “I just got banned from Target yesterday. I still love them. How? Because I’ve creeped on too many people there,” she says. “They were really nice about it. They were not rude at all about it. I guess they got too many complaints from the customers.”

Furlan claimed that her Vines were just for fun and they just got famous. However she kept it real by never sharing content for advertising! Having around 4.5 million followers on Vine she said, “Honestly, if I took every job I’m offered, I could be a multimillionaire right now, but I don’t want to flood my Vine with content.”

Moving on, Furlan starred in the music video by Pitbull in 2014 with the song being “Fireball”. She also got into a controversy when she passed in-approprate words to actor Ryan Paevey.

With new emerging social media apps, consequently she left Vine in 2016 but never slowed down. In fact, the 31-year-old has only gotten bigger by showing up on the big screen, causing controversy in the tabloids, and dating rock stars and directors.

Brittany Life’s Romantic Twist:

Starting in 2017, Brittany gave her fans a twist when she was seen on romantic dates with Tommy. The man is at 54, thrice-divorced father-of-two is 24 years older than the former Vine star. They were seen in a very warm kissing embrace after a date. Likewise the tattooed glam metal rocker and electro-house DJ appeared to be absolutely smitten with the Dreamland actress. Fans and passengers also shared on the plane that they spent 20 passionate minutes together in a toilet in the flight!

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Brittany Furlan Snapchat Username
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