what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username


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Who is Candice Accola?

Candice Accola now known as Candice King is an American born actress. King first started her career as a singer. She released her debut album in 2006 named “It’s always the Innocent Ones”. She entered the mainstream media by giving guest appearances in tv shows like “How I Met Your Mother”, “Supernatural”. Accola get her big break in famous Supernatural tv series “The Vampire Diaries” where she starred as Caroline Forbes. She joined as main cast and went on to play the role of Forbes for 8 seasons. She played the love interest of many male characters including Damon and Stefan. She has also starred in few movies in her acting career, the most notable of those movie is “Juno”.

what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username

what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username

Candice Accola is on snapchat. On her Instagram account she said “Follow me on snapchat where is post riveting stuff about my life”. Funny enough she made this announcement while showing a picture of Spanx.
Candice Accola snapchat username is “ItsCandiceKing”.


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Candice Accola in Rio

On May 4 2017 Candice Accola along with her Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley were spotted in Rio. They were in the city for the Vampire Diaries convention. Other list of actors who were present on that convention was Daniel Gillies and Chase Coleman. Ian Somerhalder was also expected to make an appearance but pulled out because he was expecting the birth of his child in couple of days and had to give all his attention to his wife Nikki Reed. While on her stay in Rio, Candice also posted many pictures on her snapchat account about the time spent and the places she visited in Rio.

Candice Accola on “The Originals”

After the series finale of the Vampire Diaries many people started speculate that Candice may star in the spin off series of the Vampire Diaries, The Originals. The series main protagonist is Klaus Mikaelson which is played by actor Joseph Morgan. This character was the love interest Candice Accola’s character Caroline Forbes in the Vampire Diaries. Although the storyline was finished in the ending of season 5 when Klaus forced Caroline to confess her love for him, it was one of the most famous pairing in the show at that time and when Caroline and Klaus moved on from each other fans of the series showed great disappointment and disbelief. In the season finale when Caroline was shown running a school named after the Salvatore brothers she received a letter from Klaus in which he made a generous donation to her school. This fired the rumor that Candice Accola may make an appearance in the show and reunite with her onscreen lover. However these are just rumors and the show runners haven’t given any clue that whether this scenario may ever take place. The reason why they may be right is that both the stories are placed on different timelines where the vampire diaries and ended and where the originals is currently in. But one insider from the show did said that this may become a possibility in the future so fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for that.