Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username


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Who is Joseph Morgan?

Another famous celebrity with a huge fan following is Joseph Morgan. Morgan is an actor born in London, England. He first came on the scene when he starred in BBC two TV series Hex where he played the character of Troy. The season aired on television for two seasons. Morgan got famous for portraying Klaus Mikaelson in the acclaimed CW series The Vampire Diaries for which he got nominated three times for teen choice award for best TV villain. He left the show at the end of season 4 to join the new spin off series of the Vampire Diaries, “The Originals” where he plays the same character but as the main protagonist of the show.

Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username


what is Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username?

There isn’t any Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username because he hasn’t made an account on snapchat. On his twitter he page he explicitly said that: “Let me put this out there again – I don’t have MySpace, MyFace, Spacebook , InstaFaceyGram and Snapchat accountt. I just use Twitter ;)”. Thus putting to rest all the fake accounts or the rumors about his snapchat account.

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Joseph Morgan Interview

MTV news took an interview with Morgan before the start of the series 4 of The Originals. The questions asked in the interview consisted mostly about Morgan’s current role in the TV series, what surprises might the fans expect in the upcoming season? What does he think about the finale of the Vampire Diaries? Before the start of season 4 Morgan’s character Klaus Mikaelson was shown being held prisoner for 5 years. This situation intrigued the show’s fans that what effect would that have on his mental health and how would he recover from the loss of 5 years of his life?


The answer to the question relating to his character’s mental health in the show, Morgan said that his character was swinging between anger and hopelessness.  Regarding the finale of Vampire Diaries Morgan sounded surprised that his character wrote a letter to his onscreen lover Caroline and this must be a sign that Klaus did survived in the series. He was also asked in the interview about rumors of him joining the cast of Fox’s new X-Men series. He appeared on a reading for the series doing a favor for Bryan Singer and the producers. The photo of him sitting with the cast sparked comments all over the internet of him joining the series for which he had to repeatedly state on media that he was just there out of favor and to get some different experience and didn’t intended to appear on X-Men for foreseeable future.


Joseph Morgan Dating

Joseph Morgan dated Emily VanCamp for a year. The couple met on the set of miniseries Ben Hur. The breakup was due to the long distance relationship they had which the couple felt they would be unable to work on. He then dated his vampire diaries co-star Claire Holt who played the role of Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus’s sister in the show. She had a recurring role in the series and appeared in 38 episodes of the season. Klaus then met Persia White, another Vampire Diaries co-star who appeared in 7 episodes of the show. The couple date for 3 years and then got married on July 2014. White has daughter from her previous marriage.