Kendal Vertes Snapchat Username


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Kendal Vertes is famous for her role in TV series, Dance Moms. Born on 9 December 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States; Kendal is an American Actress and Dancer. You would love to follow the young teenager on Snapchat and enjoy her daily school life along with dancing and singing activities.  Kendall has around 650,000 fans which are increasing rapidly and over 4.9 million people are following her Instagram. Likewise, she sure is an influence on teenagers aspiring to do something great. Vertes along with the cast won the award for Best Reality Show inKids Choice Awards 2015. Moreover they got nominated for the same in 2016 also. Consequently, she is estimated to have a net worth of ‎$1.5 Million.
Kendal Vertes Snapchat Username
Kendal Vertes Snapchat Username

What is Kendal Vertes Snapchat Username

Kendal Vertes Official Snapchat Username is: officialkkv7

Official Instagram: kendallvertes

Official Twitter: Kk_Vertes

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Kendal’s Early Success:


Vertes is an inspiring dancer having started from the toddler’s age of 18 months. Kendal got selected in open audition for the TV series, Dance Moms. Fortunately she made her debut during the second season and is continuing till date!

Vertes also joined the Abby Lee Dance Company Elite Team in replacement of another dancer. Previously, she was a part of the company but didn’t go to tours and competitions. There came a time when she left the company and moved on. Eventually she returned to the company. Kendal continued until she along with other senior dancers moved on to leave the ALDC forming, “The Irreplaceable”.

Kendal Vertes Snapchat Username

Kendal’s favorite dance move is fouette turns and she is a cheerful girl aspiring to become a great dancer. As of now, she is still continuing school and like normal girls of her age, she will complete education. She thinks if she fails in dancing; she would like to pursue being a dentist.

Vertes made her debut from the single, “Wear ‘Em Out” in 2015. Further, Kendal did a role in “Summer Love Song” music video. Also, she starred in the music video, “It’s A Girl Party”.

Kendal Vertes Affairs:

Being a girl of only 14 years, Kendall is not reported to have any affair or is seen dating anyone, which is very good for girls of her age. After all, she has a promising career ahead which should not be disturbed because of this. Although Kendal says her celebrity crush is Cameron Dallas.

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Kendal Vertes Snapchat Username
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