Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username


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Who is Kian Lawley?

Kian Lawley is a famous Youtuber with currently  subscribers to his channel. Born in Sioux City, Iowa, USA but moved at an early age to California Kian started making YouTube videos with his friends Jc Caylen, Sam Pottorff and some other friends. Their channel Our2ndLife garnered a lot of subscribers and good reviews by the general viewers. However Kian left the group in 2014 and in 2015 the channel officially announced that they would stop uploading new videos. Kian started a new channel with Jc Caylen named KianandJc.


Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username

Apart from collaborating with Jc he has his own private channel with the name of superkian13 which has 3,293,035 subscribers. The most viewed video on his channel has 15 million plus views. Besides uploading videos on the internet Kian has also featured in some movies. His most notable role was with actress Bella Thorne in the movies “Shovel Buddies”. Kian has also won two Teen Choice Awards for the category of “Choice Youtuber”.


what is Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username

Kian Lawley official snapchat username is “kianlawley”.

Like his youtube channel kian also has a huge following on snapchat. He created his account in 2015 and till now he has 3.312.294 people following his account on snapchat.

Kian Lawley 2017

Kian stared in a movie named “before I fall” which was released in March 2017. He played the character of the protagonists boyfriend with whom she breaks up in the end of the movie. The film got many positive reviews. Lately Kian is about to star in a tv show called “zac and mia” starring Kian and Anne Winters. The show was greenlit by AwsomenessTV and will premier this year on go90.


Kian Lawley’s Tattoos

Kian Lawley also is a tattoo fan. He has inked his body on many occasions and with many different styles. The very first tattoo which he got was of a leaf on his left arm. According to ken his most favorite tattoo is of an owl on the back of his left arm. He occasionally gets inked but has stated that he doesn’t try to get too much overboard with tattooing himself. Anything on the face or below the belt is not something which he considers getting tattooed. Asked if his parents objected to this hobby of his, he said that they weren’t much fans Kian’s tattoos in the first place but since then they have gotten used to the idea of their son getting tattoos.


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