Leondre Devires Snapchat Username


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Leondre Devires is the famous rapper being just 17 years old! Born on October 6, 2000 in Port Talbot, United Kingdom, Leondre is a British rapper. You would love to follow the young lad and get inspired by his positive snaps and rapping skills in daily routines. Part of the Bars and Melody which is a rapping duo, Devires is rocking the world representing Bars. While his friend, Charlie Lenehan represents Melody. His first album with the band, “143” peaked at 4 on the UK Albums Chart. Consequently, he is estimated to have a net worth of $ 3 million.
Leondre Devires Snapchat Username

What Is Leondre Devires Snapchat Username:

Leondre Devires Official Snapchat Username is: leondrethelionn

Official Instagram: barsandmelody

Official Twitter: leondredevries_

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Leondre Devires Struggle to Success:

Devires first met his present partner, Charlie Lenehan on Facebook in 2013. And within just 5 months, they had panned their singing career together! They auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent 2014 and amazingly, the Judge Simon Cowell was so impressed that he pressed the golden buzzer and they were directly sent into semi-finals.

Moving on, in the Semi’s; the duo performed Puff Daddy and Faith Evans’‘I’ll Be Missing You’, and captured audience’s hearts by adding their own verses and moved on. Unfortunately, they stood third in the finals but that was just the start! Furthermore, they signed a deal with Simon Cowel’s Syco in 2014.

Devires and Charlie released their first ever single “Hopefull” and it peaked at Number 5 on UK Singles Chart. Moroever the next single, “Keep Smiling” also made it to the charts. With two more singles, Stay Strong’ and ‘Beautiful; Leondre went on a tour named, Stay Strong Tour.

Leondre released his debut album with Bars and Melody in 2015, “143” which fortunately peaked at number four on UK Album charts. It was followed by a UK tour to promote the album and then a world tour! The next EP Teen Spirit was released in 2016 by Syco.

Recently, the duo has released a Japanese album, “Never Give Up” and the next album, “Generation Z” has also hit the audiences!

Leondre against Bullies:

Devires was bullied as a child, and although he is still 17 but speaks and acts very maturely. He openly speaks against bullies and how it affected him. Moreover, it has inspired several other people to express themselves on the same.

And that is what makes it most interesting; Leondre does not just rap, he also speaks his heart out against bullying and his experiences in life!

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Leondre Devires Snapchat Username
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