What is lewis hamilton snapchat username


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Who is Lewis Hamilton and his Snapchat activity?

Moving away from the lights, camera and action of the movie and singing world we get to see inside the locker room of our favorite athletes. Athletes on snapchat shouldn’t be a surprise. It is not a world any more where you can see or hear about them only in the news. They too, if they are any good in their respective sports have a huge fan base. We can take example of Roger Federer in tennis, Floyd Mayweather in boxing, Stephen Curry in Basketball. Athletes these days also make their presence known to people in the social media like actors and singers do.

Talking about athletes on snapchat this athlete is one of the most active users of snapchat. We are talking about three times Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is a Formula 1 racing driver born in Stevenage, England. He made his F1 debut for McLaren in year 2007. In his rookie season he impressed the pundits, the competitors and the fans. His sheer speed and will to win made him a contender to be a Formula One world champion.

The question was not how, rather it was when. Hamilton belonged to a modest background with his family not financially strong. His father provided the funds for him to race in carting series, which is usually the first step for Formula 1 drivers to start their careers. He was discovered by McLaren Group CEO, Ron Dennis who told his father that he will finance his racing career if he drives for McLaren one day. Hamilton won the GP2 series in 2006 before being promoted to McLaren seat in 2007.


What is lewis hamilton snapchat username
What is lewis hamilton snapchat username


What is lewis hamilton snapchat username

Coming back to athletes on Snapchat we can say that Hamilton definitely has a snapchat account and he is regularly active on this forum. Lewis Hamilton’s snapchat username is “lewishamilton”.
 Lewis hamilton official website name is www.lewishamilton.com

Lewis also received some negative reactions when during a driver’s press conference he was seen checking his snapchat account and media representatives conducting interviews considered it to be disrespectful.

Lewis Hamilton History

He had a meteoric rise to fame in Formula 1 when in his debut season he surprised everyone with his raw pace and ability to absorb pressure at such a young stage in his career. His main rivals for the season were Fernando Alonso a high profile two time world champion team mate and Kimi Raikkonen a previous stalwart of McLaren who jumped ships after 2006 and went to drive for their bitter rivals Ferrari. Hamilton and Alonso, both were runner up with 109 points each and Raikkonen won the championship that season with 110 points. In 2008 with Alonso moving to Renault, Hamilton assumed the role of number 1 driver in McLaren.

Determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past Hamilton looked more composed and motivated to make it his year. His main rival for that season was Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. Both drivers had equal amount of success that season but Hamilton had the upper hand before the final round. To win the championship he needed to finish 5th place or above irrespective of where Massa finished to win the driver championship. He achieved that feat on the last corner of the last lap by passing Toyota’s Timo Glock for 5th position, in rain soaked Brazilian Grand Prix with Massa finishing 1st, and winning the Formula One 2008 driver world championship.

After his maiden title win he enjoyed a period of relatively less success with McLaren.

2009: Was a horrendous year for McLaren when they fell behind the new regulation changes and were thrown to back of the grid for most of that season. They made a dedicated comeback in the 2nd part of the season with Hamilton winning 2 races and getting 3 more podiums. However it was too little too late and that season Jenson Button won the F1 championship with new comer Brawn GP.

2010: Button moved to McLaren and was Hamilton’s teammate. In a see saw season which saw 4 drivers vying for the drivers’ championship in the last race, Sebastian Vettel won in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Hamilton finished that season in 4th place.

2011 and 2012: McLaren enjoyed less success in these 2 years and occasionally won a race here and there. The era was dominated by Vettel’s fast Red Bull and he won the drivers’ title in both these years. At the end of the season Hamilton made a surprise announcement that he would be leaving McLaren and would be driving for Mercedes AMG racing team.

2013: Mercedes had a fast car and with Hamilton in the team reached pole on several occasions. However the Mercedes cars extreme load on their tyres meant that they had to make extra pit stops or slow their cars to cover the distance and as result they weren’t able to capitalize on higher grid positions. Vettel again won the world driver championship with Hamilton finishing 4th.

2014 and 2015: Another large number of changes were made to the F1 regulations and it was the start of the hybrid era for the first time in formula 1. Mercedes had made the best engine compared to the rest of the grid and this increased advantage against their rivals showed on the track when Hamilton won the drivers’ championship on both occasions and Mercedes winning the constructors championship.

2016: This season Hamilton finished runner up to his teammate Nico Rosberg who finished 2nd both times in previous 2 years. The title was again decided in the final race of the season at Abu Dhabi. Hamilton was trailing Rosberg in the championships and for him to win the title he needed Rosberg to finish below him in points with a considerable margin. He tried every trick in the book to slow Rosberg down and let others pass him but non proved successful and Rosberg won the title in that year.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

Hamilton dated Nicole Scherzinger for 8 years. Their relationship started when the two met at the end of year 2007 and it has been a rocky road for them since then. Nicole was seen on many of Lewis’s races and was also present during the finale of 2008 season when Hamilton won the title. The couple broke up a few times between 2010 and 2012 but reconciled again. Scherzinger celebrated with Hamilton his 2nd title win in 2014 at Abu Dhabi. However the couple broke up again in 2015 and since then has moved on their different ways.

Nicole is presently dating tennis player Grigor Dimitrov while Hamilton was rumored to be dating Rihanna and then Kendall Jenner at different stages, nothing was confirmed to be true and Hamilton said on Ellen show that he is just now focusing on his career. However in 2017 Hamilton did spared rumors of getting back with Nicole Scherzinger when he posted an Instagram photo of listening one of Nicole’s songs with caption that she used to sing that song to him. However that was just taken out of context by the media and nothing of fruition came in regards to that incident.

Lewis Hamilton vs Sebastian Vettel

In 2017 Ferrari has made significant steps in closing the gap to Mercedes. In fact on some occasions they seem to have better car compared to the Mercedes. Of the 20 races to be run in this calendar year 9 events have been completed. Both drivers have won 3 races each. Vettel however has more points finish compared to Hamilton and is currently reading the drivers’ standings by 20 points. Both the drivers appreciated close rivalry in opening stages of the tournament and seemed to handle the intense battle quiet calmly.

However in European Grand Prix held in Baku all the pleasantries were thrown out of the window when during a safety car stint Hamilton slowed down just before the restart to give himself space with the safety car. Vettel who was trailing Hamilton in 2nd place hit Hamilton at the back of his car. Vettel clipped his front wing but the damage wasn’t significant. However Vettel reacted angrily to it and went alongside Hamilton and clipped him on the side of his car and making angry gestures towards Hamilton.

This wasn’t taken lightly by the sport’s governing body FIA who gave Vettel a 10 second stop-go penalty and warning to abstain from any such infringement of sports image in the future. Neither driver was able to win the race and the seeds were sown for an intense rivalry which will definitely be worth watching in the near future.

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