Maggie Lindemann Snapchat Username


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Maggie Lindemann is the cute teenager who recently got famous for singing Pretty Girl. Born on July 21, 1998 in Dallas, Texas, Maggie is an American singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. You would love to follow the stunningly beautiful, 19 years old Maggie on Snapchat where she loves to connect to fans! Starting off her career from Social Media, she rose to fame from singles like “Knocking on Your Heart” and “Pretty Girl”. Maggie sings in a song dance yearning voice. Fortunately it peaked at 9 in UK Singles chart. Likewise, Lindemann has quite a strong presence on Social Media, with over 2.3 million Instagram followers and around 430,000 Twitter followers! Consequently she has a net worth of $200 thousand just when her teenage is about to end.
Maggie Lindemann Snapchat Username

What Is Maggie Lindemann Snapchat Username:

Maggie Lindemann Official Snapchat Username is: magsmoneymil

Official Instagram: maggielindemann

Official Twitter: MaggieLindemann

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Maggie Lindemann Shinning at Young Age:


Like any kid, Maggie started posted videos of her singing on social media app Keek. But what she did not know, that over a short span, she gathered a good following. Gerald Tennison soon discovered her singing talent on an Instagram Video and became her manager. She re-located to Los Angeles to pursue her singing career.

Lindemann made her debut with the single “Knocking On Your Heart” in 2015. Fortunately her very first song made it to the Top 20 on ITunes chart in a single day! Furthermore, she went on to release “Couple of Kids” the same year. Her third single, “Things” was released in 2016 and it too successfully earned its place in Top 25 iTunes chart. Moreover, it broke the Top 50 on Spotify Viral 50 worldwide and was followed by an official music video of the song, next month!

Maggie Lindemann Snapchat Username

Maggie’s biggest hit came after signing with 300 Entertainment when she released her single, “Pretty Liars” in 2016. With over 24 million subscribers on YouTube, she gained much fame. Amazingly, the song peaked at #4 on the Next Big Sound chart, and at number 4 in Sweden, number 6 in Belgium, number 8 in Norway and the UK and number 16 in the Netherlands. She conveyed the message that girls are more than just pretty and people should be able to look past physically into the hearts of girls. Furthermore its’ music video came in 2017.

Lindemann also featured in The Vamps’ single “Personal”, 2017. Likewise her very new single, “Obsessed” will be releasing after a few days on 17th November and Maggie is very excited about it!

Young Maddie’s Affairs:


Being stunning beautiful and sexy and having entered the industry at a young age, Maggie attracts a lot of attention. Previously Lindemann enjoyed a romantic relationship with Reynolds who is 3-4 years older. Although they used to split and come back together but the final show-down came when a video got leaked where Reynolds was trying to force the then 16 years old Maggie to sex while she was denying it.

She is currently dating, Brennon Taylor who is a YouTube star as a comedian and actor. They have both shared Romantic pictures with each other on Instagram accounts.

Maggie Lindemann Snapchat Username
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Maggie Lindemann Snapchat Username
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