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what’s Emma Watson Snapchat Username


Looking for What is Emma Watson Snapchat Username ? Keep reading for the latest news on Emma Watson and her Snapchat name. 

While there are numerous choices of celebrities’ snapchat names to follow, few would dispute that this particular celebrity has been the source of attention of the current generation of fans.

Emma Watson Snapchat Introduction

The celebrity mentioned above is Emma Watson, a British actress born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, who is known all over the world as the actress who played the character of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series based on critically acclaimed and award winning Novel of the same titles. Watson along with her costars Danial Radcliffe who played the role of Harry Potter and Rupert Grint who is credited to play the role of Ron Weasley were thrown into stardom after the release of the first movie and the kept on playing their respective roles in further 7 movies. Even though all three of these people did go on to play different roles in different movie genres but to the world they will always be recognized as three major characters of the Harry Potter series.

Emma Watson Snapchat Username

Watson is also a professional model and she has been on the cover of teen Vogue and the face of fashion house Burberry. She was also rumored to be the face of fashion house Chanel replacing Kiera Knightley but this rumor was denied by both the parties.

What is Emma Watson Snapchat Username

Many people will search Emma Watson snapchat username and be left disappointed because Emma Watsondoesn’t have a snapchat account. Whether you search for Emma Watson real snapchat name, Emma Watson secret snapchat id, you will not find anything in response to your query.

Why Emma Watson has no Snapchat Account

People may wonder why such a famous celebrity doesn’t have an account on a popular social media forum when she has an Instagram account. Probably she doesn’t like to play with the filters on snapchat or may not find to be active on multiple forums. So even though she is the answer to the question of who to add on snapchat fans may would still have to wait for that to happen.

Snapchat names to follow:

Nicki Minaj official Snapchat Username

Emma Watson’s work on Women Rights

Watson is one of the most outspoken celebrities on women rights and gender equality. She has been heard on numerous occasions and forums; most noteworthy of them is the United Nation Headquarters after she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014. Watson stated that she felt outraged that in the present modern era women are still not treated at a level equal to men. She believes that gender equilibrium is something which should be practiced everywhere and both men and women should be given equal opportunities and respect and there shouldn’t be any discrimination. Watson has also come under hot water for speaking in favor of feminism. She went on the record stating that she has received death traps after she made her address on the United Nations forum. But all the negativity against her cause has only made her feel more dedicated to her cause.

Emma Watson Official Website Name

Emma Watson Weight loss diet

If you are a famous celebrity who is a heartthrob for millions of boys because of your good looks. Then you certainly have to eat well and do regular exercise to keep in shape. Watson’s diet plan includes healthy food that is low in saturated fats and consists of fruits, salads, vegetables and lean meat. She avoids junk food and for good reason as everyone knows that eating regular junk food will only make you fat. Apart from heaving a healthy diet she does regular exercise. Her routine includes Pilates, Running and Weight Lifts.

Emma Watson Kid Cudi

In 2013 an up and coming rapper Kid Cudi released his third studio album Indicud. He revealed that one song in that album “Young Lady” was wrote about Emma Watson. The lyrics for the song included these lines:

How’d you get so fuckin’ cool?
Fools probably trying to spit at you daily
The price you pay cause you’re hot
Has anyone told you that you’re fresh as hell

Tyler posey snapchat username

Looking for what is Tyler posey snapchat username ? Keep reading for the latest news on  who is Joseph Morgan and his Snapchat name

Who is Tyler Posey?

Celebrity snapchat names are the source of query for many of their fans as they want to follow them and see what they do in their routine apart from their jobs. People constantly search for snapchat names to add of the celebrities they consider being their favorites. The source can be a snapchat name list or snapchat names to follow. Those who are not very much familiar with the current crop of trending celebrities may search who to add on snapchat? A celebrity who fits the current bill of constant queries of fans about his snapchat username is Tyler Posey.

Tyler Posey is an American actor who is best known for his role as Scott McCall on the television series Teen Wolf which is shown on MTV. Before getting his big break of playing a major character in a television series, he also starred in 86 episodes of a television series named DOC where he played the character of a young boy from 8 to 11 years old. Apart from appearing in television Tyler has also starred in some movies. The most notable in the list of them are Maid in Manhattan and Scary Movie 5.

tyler posey snapchat username

What is Tyler Posey Snapchat Username

“tpose-styles” is the snapchat username of Tyler Posey. He made a long list of dedicated followers on his snapchat account when he got famous for playing Scott McCall on teen wolf.

Snapchat names to follow


Tyler Posey Diet Plan and Teen Wolf Workout

Posey’s role in teen wolf demanded him to get a beefed up muscular body. To get into his role he had to follow a strict diet and workout regime to get into the required shape desired by the show runners. His workout routine involved steps of 60, 80 and 95 on curl machine, the steps were to be repeated 3 times. After that came the turn of EZ cable curls. Each sets involved weights of 50, 65 and 80.

This is then followed by 30, 45 and 55 hammer curls. Finally some triceps pushdowns of 70-100 times. This list of practice just involved shaping up of biceps and triceps. To increase his stamina Posey did a workout which involved a great deal of cardio work. He practices running/walking for 45-60 minutes.

Doing physical work for getting into shape is one thing; Posey also has to follow a fixed strict diet plan which ensures that all his hard work at gym doesn’t go to waste. He has to eat lot of protein source foods like milk, cheese, protein bars, and eggs. He also has in his diet plan vegetables, oatmeal, apples and brown rise so as to avoid excessive fat loss.

Tyler Posey Girlfriend List

  • Tyler Posey and Miley Cyrus: Though both of them met at the set of DOC when they were just 8 and 9 years old, it is rumored that both of them became a couple. Surprising as it may sound but different sources have said that Miley was Posey’s first serious relationship.
  • Tyler Posey and Mackenzie Rosman: Posey and Rosman were also rumored to be dating for one year. This was Posey’s second relationship after breaking up with Miley.
  • Tyler Posey and Danielle Campbell: Danielle Campbell is an actress who was rumored to be dating One Direction’s star Louis Tomlinson. While in a relationship with Tomlinson, Campbell was seen kissing Tyler Posey in a studio. The images were circulated like a storm in social media and many fans didn’t like Campbell for cheating on Tomlinson and this ultimately proved to be the end of their relationship. Nothing else also appeared about her relationship with Posey and that was the end of that.
  • Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne: Tyler Posey dated actress Bella Thorne from September 2016 till December 2016. During their short lived romance, there was an incident involving Bella Thorne cheating on Posey with Charlie Puth. When the incident surfaced on the social media fans came out in thousands for Posey’s support and called out Bella Thorne for cheating on her boyfriend. She and Charlie Puth both apologized to Tyler for dragging him into this messy situation and for getting him into the media eyes for all the wrong reasons.

Maid in Manhattan Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey played the role of Jennifer Lopez son in the movie Maid in Manhattan. His character named Ty Ventura was a 10 year old boy living with his single mother who works as a maid in a hotel in Manhattan. Ty befriends Lopez’s character love interest in the movie played by Ralph Fiennes. In the movie the three of them spend time together doing different fun activities. Ralph’s character Christopher Marshall was oblivious to the fact that Ty’s mother Marisa Ventura was a maid in the hotel in which he was staying because when he met her she was wearing a Dolce and Gabbana made dress which made him think that she was another wealthy guest at the hotel. When the truth about Marisa’s identity reached out Marshall left him. But on Ty’s insistence of forgiving people for making mistakes he came to her and the three then started a new life together.


Tyler Posey Preferred or Non Preferred beard

Even though his character in the TV series Teen Wolf is a clean shaved boy, Tyler Posey has said in some interviews that he would prefer that his show producers and director would allow him to grow a beard for his character. He said that to maintain his clean shaven look he has to constantly shave his face something which he doesn’t like, and also this causes acnes on his face which meant more time in the makeup trailer to cover all that spots. So for him the ideal situation for his character would be that they allow him to grow a beard.

Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username


Looking for what is Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on  who is Joseph Morgan and his Snapchat name 

Celebrity stars snapchat names are one of the most searched entities these days. Many people will keep on searching snapchat names to add of their favorite movie or TV stars, singersNBA players or Youtubers. Many of the searches also include who to add on snapchat. This query depends solely on the preference of the fans. Another most searched thing on google is the list of top 10 snapchat usernames.

Who is Joseph Morgan?

Another famous celebrity with a huge fan following is Joseph Morgan. Morgan is an actor born in London, England. He first came on the scene when he starred in BBC two TV series Hex where he played the character of Troy. The season aired on television for two seasons. Morgan got famous for portraying Klaus Mikaelson in the acclaimed CW series The Vampire Diaries for which he got nominated three times for teen choice award for best TV villain. He left the show at the end of season 4 to join the new spin off series of the Vampire Diaries, “The Originals” where he plays the same character but as the main protagonist of the show.

Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username


what is Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username?

There isn’t any Joseph Morgan Snapchat Username because he hasn’t made an account on snapchat. On his twitter he page he explicitly said that: “Let me put this out there again – I don’t have MySpace, MyFace, Spacebook , InstaFaceyGram and Snapchat accountt. I just use Twitter ;)”. Thus putting to rest all the fake accounts or the rumors about his snapchat account.

Snapchat names to follow

What Is Candice Accola Snapchat Username



Joseph Morgan Interview

MTV news took an interview with Morgan before the start of the series 4 of The Originals. The questions asked in the interview consisted mostly about Morgan’s current role in the TV series, what surprises might the fans expect in the upcoming season? What does he think about the finale of the Vampire Diaries? Before the start of season 4 Morgan’s character Klaus Mikaelson was shown being held prisoner for 5 years. This situation intrigued the show’s fans that what effect would that have on his mental health and how would he recover from the loss of 5 years of his life?


The answer to the question relating to his character’s mental health in the show, Morgan said that his character was swinging between anger and hopelessness.  Regarding the finale of Vampire Diaries Morgan sounded surprised that his character wrote a letter to his onscreen lover Caroline and this must be a sign that Klaus did survived in the series. He was also asked in the interview about rumors of him joining the cast of Fox’s new X-Men series. He appeared on a reading for the series doing a favor for Bryan Singer and the producers. The photo of him sitting with the cast sparked comments all over the internet of him joining the series for which he had to repeatedly state on media that he was just there out of favor and to get some different experience and didn’t intended to appear on X-Men for foreseeable future.


Joseph Morgan Dating

Joseph Morgan dated Emily VanCamp for a year. The couple met on the set of miniseries Ben Hur. The breakup was due to the long distance relationship they had which the couple felt they would be unable to work on. He then dated his vampire diaries co-star Claire Holt who played the role of Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus’s sister in the show. She had a recurring role in the series and appeared in 38 episodes of the season. Klaus then met Persia White, another Vampire Diaries co-star who appeared in 7 episodes of the show. The couple date for 3 years and then got married on July 2014. White has daughter from her previous marriage.


what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username


Looking for what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on  who is Candice Accola and her Snapchat name 

Who is Candice Accola?

Candice Accola now known as Candice King is an American born actress. King first started her career as a singer. She released her debut album in 2006 named “It’s always the Innocent Ones”. She entered the mainstream media by giving guest appearances in tv shows like “How I Met Your Mother”, “Supernatural”. Accola get her big break in famous Supernatural tv series “The Vampire Diaries” where she starred as Caroline Forbes. She joined as main cast and went on to play the role of Forbes for 8 seasons. She played the love interest of many male characters including Damon and Stefan. She has also starred in few movies in her acting career, the most notable of those movie is “Juno”.

what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username

what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username

Candice Accola is on snapchat. On her Instagram account she said “Follow me on snapchat where is post riveting stuff about my life”. Funny enough she made this announcement while showing a picture of Spanx.
Candice Accola snapchat username is “ItsCandiceKing”.


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Candice Accola in Rio

On May 4 2017 Candice Accola along with her Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley were spotted in Rio. They were in the city for the Vampire Diaries convention. Other list of actors who were present on that convention was Daniel Gillies and Chase Coleman. Ian Somerhalder was also expected to make an appearance but pulled out because he was expecting the birth of his child in couple of days and had to give all his attention to his wife Nikki Reed. While on her stay in Rio, Candice also posted many pictures on her snapchat account about the time spent and the places she visited in Rio.

Candice Accola on “The Originals”

After the series finale of the Vampire Diaries many people started speculate that Candice may star in the spin off series of the Vampire Diaries, The Originals. The series main protagonist is Klaus Mikaelson which is played by actor Joseph Morgan. This character was the love interest Candice Accola’s character Caroline Forbes in the Vampire Diaries. Although the storyline was finished in the ending of season 5 when Klaus forced Caroline to confess her love for him, it was one of the most famous pairing in the show at that time and when Caroline and Klaus moved on from each other fans of the series showed great disappointment and disbelief. In the season finale when Caroline was shown running a school named after the Salvatore brothers she received a letter from Klaus in which he made a generous donation to her school. This fired the rumor that Candice Accola may make an appearance in the show and reunite with her onscreen lover. However these are just rumors and the show runners haven’t given any clue that whether this scenario may ever take place. The reason why they may be right is that both the stories are placed on different timelines where the vampire diaries and ended and where the originals is currently in. But one insider from the show did said that this may become a possibility in the future so fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for that.





what are Fifth Harmony snapchat username


Looking for Fifth Harmony snapchat username? Keep reading for the latest news on Fifth Harmony snapchat activities. 

Who is Fifth Harmony?

Fifth harmony is an American Girls band. The genre of their songs mostly consists of Pop and R&B. Now most of the people is looking for Fifth Harmony snapchat username. The group had 5 members at the time of its origin with members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello. The group initially got on to the map when they participate in X-factor 2012 as a group after failing to qualify for further rounds as individual contestants. After the show the group started to record many covers for YouTube videos. Ultimately they were signed by Simon Cowell record company and their debut album “Reflection” came out in 2015 which put the group on the face of the music industry. The bands second album 7/27 came out in 2016 and it also received positive reviews from the music lovers. The bands journey together though didn’t lasted long. On December 2016 the group announced that Camila Cabello had left the group.

Fifth Harmony snapchat username


what are Fifth Harmony snapchat username

Fifth Harmony snapchat username: Fifth Harmony snapchat username is “fifthharmony”.

The easy way to follow your favorite celebrities is if you know their Snapchat usernames .All the members of fifth harmony have Snapchat accounts and fifth harmony have shared their Snapchat usernames with the general public. The band also has one collective account for their band on snapchat.


Who is Leader of Fifth Harmony?

No information is provided by anyone in the band that if one particular individual gets the decision making power in the group or who has assumed the role of head in the group. They claim that everyone from the group has equal say in any matter. They also said that to decide who takes lead in a song they all first try to sing that part of the song solo and the producers decide which part of the group members voice best suites that particular lyrics of the song. While these statements from the group shows that every band member in the group is treated equally, one group member Lauren Jauregui has been pointed out by the fans in the social media to be least favored member of the group by the producers. In their music videos and songs Lauren Jauregui hasn’t got a part where she sings solo and in one song of the band she didn’t even appeared to be singing any lyrics, something which was pointed out later by the fans.

Fifth Harmony snapchat username

Fifth Harmony Members & their Snapchat Usernames

The group had 5 members at the time of its origin with members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello. Each member of the group has a snapchat account.

Alley Brooke Snapchat Username: Alley Brooke’s snapchat username is “itsmeallyb”.
Normani Kordei Snapchat Username: Kordei shared her snapchat username on twitter. Her snapchat username is “moniloves31”.
Dinah Jane Snapchat Username: Dinah Jane’s snapchat username is “dinahdime”.
Camila Cabello Snapchat Username: Cabello also shared her snapchat username like Kordei on twitter. Her snapchat username is “camilanaps”.
Lauren Jauregui Snapchat Username: Lauren Jauregui snapchat username is “laurenjauregui1”.


who is the Fifth Harmony New Member

While there were many speculations made on the social media that who the band will add into the group after Camila Cabello left it, there is still no official announcement made related to the matter. The group said that they weren’t in any hurry to replace Cabello and neither were they sure that whether or not if they wanted to add any new member or continue as a band of four. This query was searched many times on the internet and many websites exploited it to gain views. However some celebrities jokingly said that they wanted to join the group. Among them was the host of the hit show Ellen, Ellen DeGeneres herself. Also Britney Spears was quoted saying that she would recommend her cousin Jamie Lynn to join as fifth member of the group.


Fifth Harmony Breakup Drama

On December 18, 2016 Camila Cabello announced that she would leave the group and focus more on her solo career. While many cited the reason for Cabello leaving the group down to heated relation between herself and the rest of the group, Cabello stated in an interview that the reason for her leaving the group was purely to show her fans the solo side of her singing and that she would be able to express her voice and her music more positively to the fans if she sings solo. The departure of Cabello from the group remained a much discussed topic for the fifth harmony fans for weeks and many theories originated as to why and how Cabello wanted to leave the group.

Fifth Harmony snapchat username

Why did Camilla Cabello Leave Fifth Harmony

Even though Cabello said that she wasn’t forced to leave and that she left on good terms with the rest of the band, many said that the reluctance of management to give group a hiatus so that Cabello can focus more on her solo career forced her to make this decision. This surprised many of the fans on the social media because a month earlier in November 2016 the band announced that they would release a new album in 2017 and with the success which the band got from their previous songs made many believed that this band would remain as one for quite a while and it would be very successful in the future. To leave the band at the height of its fame proved very surprising for the fans.

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what is Nina Dobrev Official Snapchat Username


Looking for what is Nina Dobrev  Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on  who is Nina Dobrev and her Snapchat name

Who is Nina Dobrev?

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian-Bulgarian actress. Born in Sofia Bulgaria she moved to Canada when she was only 2 years old. Dobrev rose to fame when she starred in hit supernatural drama series “The Vampire Diaries” alongside Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. The series was much liked by the 18-24 demographic audience and it put all the three leading cast members in the limelight. However after 6 seasons on the show Dobrev left the series and only came back in the season 8 finale episode to give closure to the fans of her character. Though she stated that she wanted to pursue new adventures many believed that the reason behind her exit was due to her less than cordial relationships with her co-star and ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder. She has also starred in Hollywood movies. Her recent Project was “XXX-the Return of Xander Cage” starring Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone. Currently she is filming the upcoming movie Departures.

what is Nina Dobrev Snapchat Username - Celebrity snapchat usernames

what is Nina Dobrev official Snapchat Username

Nina Dobrev doesn’t have a snapchat account, so by default there is not Nina Dobrev snapchat username.

On her twitter account she said that he wasn’t into snapping photos and putting it on snapchat or whatever people call this activity. Her friends Ruby Rose and Julianne Hough have managed to get one or two videos of Dobrev on snapchat with filters on. Dobrev posted a video on her Instagram account where she showed her friends trying to take pictures with filters, making funny faces and noises along the way. When they didn’t succeeded in their task then Dobrev turned the camera to her face and said that is why she doesn’t use snapchat.

People have also tried to search for her using the same query Nina Dobrev Snapchat Username but to no avail.

Nina dobrev dating history

  • Is Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder in a relationship?

Nina Dobrev was in a relationship with her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder. The two first met on the sets show and eventually hooked up. Their relationship became a talking point with the shows audience and even talks about them marrying circulated in the media as well. However the two eventually broke up after three years of dating. Ian Somerhalder moved on from the breakup and got hitched with Nikki Reed, the actress who starred in the famous “Twilight” series. The two eventually got married. After their wedding announcement Dobrev left the show after season 6. Many cited the breakup with Somerhalder and his marriage to Nikki Reed the reason behind this step though Dobrev has constantly denied this.

  • Is Nina Dobrev and Tim Tebow in relationship?

Dobrev entered into a relationship with Tim Tebow, a former American Football Player and current Baseball player who plays for New York Mets. The two met a show called “the lip sync battle”. The two competed against each other in the show and later it was observed that the two had started to spend time together. However their relationship was also short lived and they broke up. Though Dobrev doesn’t said anything about the reason behind this, sources close to her revealed that the reason behind her decision was that Tebow didn’t want to lose his virginity before marriage and this was something which forced Dobrev to end things with him.


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Nicki Minaj official Snapchat Username


Looking for Nicki Minaj Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on Nicki Minaj Snapchat Name.

Who is Nicki Minaj?


Nicki Minaj whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj is an American singer, rapper and model. Nicki Minaj  official  snapchat username is “@NickiMinaj”.  Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Minaj moved to New York with her mother when she was 5.  Minaj’s rise to fame came in the years 2010, 2011 when the songs like “Your Love”, “Check it out” and “Right through Me” charted in the billboard Hot 100 charts. Nicki Minaj has a lot of fan following in the modern generation of music listeners. There are 81.3 million followers on her Instagram.  She regularly posts photos and videos on her snapchat account and sometimes they tend to become the talking point among general public due to the bold nature of the photos on her snapchat account. Minaj has also starred in some movies.

She first starred in a voice role in “Ice Age 4”, a movie from the famous Ice Age animated movie series. She also starred in critically negatively acclaimed but profitable in the box office movie “The Other Woman”. Nicki Minaj has won several music awards during her career. The list includes multiple American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, and People’s Choice Awards.

Nicki Minaj official Snapchat Username and Name

what is Nicki Minaj official  Snapchat Username?

Nicki Minaj snapchat username is “@NickiMinaj”.

Nicki Minaj Says She’s Not Engaged

Nicki Minaj started dating rapper Meek Mill in 2015. During the course of their relationship Minaj received two rings from her boyfriend, one of which she wore on her engagement ring finger. This caused a stir in the social media when Minaj uploaded the photo on her Bling and Snapchat account of the rings she wore on her left hand. Minaj had to come out on talk shows and quash the rumors that they were just gift from her bf and that she is currently in no mode to get engaged. Their relationship ended in January 2017 by the mutual consent of both parties.

Nicki Minaj Net Worth 2017

Nicki Minaj’s net worth is $75 million. While most of her earnings come from her singing career, Minaj says that she gets paid $50,000 for every guest verses she performs for other artists. The extent of her wealth was cemented in public’s mind when the saw the customized pink color Lamborghini Aventador with painted pink rims. Many car lovers considered it to be disrespectful to the heritage of Lamborghini and many people even joked about it on the internet, but if you are a famous multimillionaire rapper then guess you can do whatever you desire with that hard earned money.


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Kendall Jenner Official Snapchat Username


Who is Kendall Jenner?

Looking for Kendall Jenner Official Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on Kendall Jenner Snapchat name.
Kendall Jenner is fashion model and a television personality. Jenner is the daughter to former.Olympic gold medal holder swimmer Bruce Jenner and reality TV star Kris Jenner formerly known to the world as Kris Kardashian. Jenner rose to the fame in the reality tv show “Keeping.Up With The Kardashians”, a show which consisted of the everyday aspects of the post lifestyle of the Kardashian Family. However Kendall’s big break came due to her own efforts, if you consider posting bold pictures of herself on Instagram a roadmap to success. This activity of Kendall landed her roles in many fashion magazines and the crown jewel of her success was getting the opportunity to walk on the ramp of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for past 2 years in the running. Kendall’s rise to stardom also made her many fans along the way. Her Instagram account shows that she has 81.9 million followers. She also has a great number of followers on snapchat. Facebook and twitter as well.Kendall also has starred in three song videos. The most notable of those music videos was #WHERESTHELOVE by Black Eyed Peas. Apart from starring in keeping up with Kardashians she has hosted Billboard Music Awards and MTV Movie Awards.
Kendall Jenner Official Snapchat Username

What is Kendall Jenner Snapchat Username

Kendall Jenner’s snapchat username is “@kendalljenner”. Like Instagram Jenner also has a huge following on snapchat.

What is Kendall Jenner Website

Jenner also runs a website www.kendallj.com where she posts thing related to fashion advice, her travel logs and events related to her own life. On her travel diaries she also shares info about the places she visited, the culture she experienced and also makes recommendations about the food which people should try.

Kendall Jenner Introduces Cute Puppy on Snapchat

Not that this news should cause any ripples on the social media but when it comes to Kendall Jenner there are certain exceptions. On her snapchat account Kendall shared some pictures of the present which was given to her by her sister Kylie Jenner. The presented consisted of a new puppy which was immediately like by Kendall. When she uploaded the pics of her new present it also became a talking point in the social media.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Controversy

Kendall faced the wrath of many people on the social and print media when in 2017 she starred in an ad with Pepsi. The advertisement had resemblance to the Black Lives Matter protest in which people are protesting in front of police accusing them of their roles in killing of people with black ethnicity without verifying a probable cause for such act. In the advertisement however Kendall was shown giving a can of Pepsi mid protest to a police officer in a gesture to shown amity. This however proved to be very unpopular among the general public who said that such a high profile celebrity wouldn’t understand the sentiments of the general public and also in real life the police hadn’t been such subtle when it comes to handling of the protest. The aftermath of such an uproar was that Pepsi immediately pulled the ad out of media and Jenner took a hit on her image.

Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username


Looking for Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on Kian Lawley Snapchat activities.

Who is Kian Lawley?

Kian Lawley is a famous Youtuber with currently  subscribers to his channel. Born in Sioux City, Iowa, USA but moved at an early age to California Kian started making YouTube videos with his friends Jc Caylen, Sam Pottorff and some other friends. Their channel Our2ndLife garnered a lot of subscribers and good reviews by the general viewers. However Kian left the group in 2014 and in 2015 the channel officially announced that they would stop uploading new videos. Kian started a new channel with Jc Caylen named KianandJc.


Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username

Apart from collaborating with Jc he has his own private channel with the name of superkian13 which has 3,293,035 subscribers. The most viewed video on his channel has 15 million plus views. Besides uploading videos on the internet Kian has also featured in some movies. His most notable role was with actress Bella Thorne in the movies “Shovel Buddies”. Kian has also won two Teen Choice Awards for the category of “Choice Youtuber”.


what is Kian Lawley Official Snapchat Username

Kian Lawley official snapchat username is “kianlawley”.

Like his youtube channel kian also has a huge following on snapchat. He created his account in 2015 and till now he has 3.312.294 people following his account on snapchat.

Kian Lawley 2017

Kian stared in a movie named “before I fall” which was released in March 2017. He played the character of the protagonists boyfriend with whom she breaks up in the end of the movie. The film got many positive reviews. Lately Kian is about to star in a tv show called “zac and mia” starring Kian and Anne Winters. The show was greenlit by AwsomenessTV and will premier this year on go90.


Kian Lawley’s Tattoos

Kian Lawley also is a tattoo fan. He has inked his body on many occasions and with many different styles. The very first tattoo which he got was of a leaf on his left arm. According to ken his most favorite tattoo is of an owl on the back of his left arm. He occasionally gets inked but has stated that he doesn’t try to get too much overboard with tattooing himself. Anything on the face or below the belt is not something which he considers getting tattooed. Asked if his parents objected to this hobby of his, he said that they weren’t much fans Kian’s tattoos in the first place but since then they have gotten used to the idea of their son getting tattoos.


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what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username

what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username
Looking for what is Candice Accola Snapchat Username? Keep reading for the latest news on  who is...