Tyler posey snapchat username

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Who is Tyler Posey?

Celebrity snapchat names are the source of query for many of their fans as they want to follow them and see what they do in their routine apart from their jobs. People constantly search for snapchat names to add of the celebrities they consider being their favorites. The source can be a snapchat name list or snapchat names to follow. Those who are not very much familiar with the current crop of trending celebrities may search who to add on snapchat? A celebrity who fits the current bill of constant queries of fans about his snapchat username is Tyler Posey.

Tyler Posey is an American actor who is best known for his role as Scott McCall on the television series Teen Wolf which is shown on MTV. Before getting his big break of playing a major character in a television series, he also starred in 86 episodes of a television series named DOC where he played the character of a young boy from 8 to 11 years old. Apart from appearing in television Tyler has also starred in some movies. The most notable in the list of them are Maid in Manhattan and Scary Movie 5.

tyler posey snapchat username

What is Tyler Posey Snapchat Username

“tpose-styles” is the snapchat username of Tyler Posey. He made a long list of dedicated followers on his snapchat account when he got famous for playing Scott McCall on teen wolf.

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Tyler Posey Diet Plan and Teen Wolf Workout

Posey’s role in teen wolf demanded him to get a beefed up muscular body. To get into his role he had to follow a strict diet and workout regime to get into the required shape desired by the show runners. His workout routine involved steps of 60, 80 and 95 on curl machine, the steps were to be repeated 3 times. After that came the turn of EZ cable curls. Each sets involved weights of 50, 65 and 80.

This is then followed by 30, 45 and 55 hammer curls. Finally some triceps pushdowns of 70-100 times. This list of practice just involved shaping up of biceps and triceps. To increase his stamina Posey did a workout which involved a great deal of cardio work. He practices running/walking for 45-60 minutes.

Doing physical work for getting into shape is one thing; Posey also has to follow a fixed strict diet plan which ensures that all his hard work at gym doesn’t go to waste. He has to eat lot of protein source foods like milk, cheese, protein bars, and eggs. He also has in his diet plan vegetables, oatmeal, apples and brown rise so as to avoid excessive fat loss.

Tyler Posey Girlfriend List

  • Tyler Posey and Miley Cyrus: Though both of them met at the set of DOC when they were just 8 and 9 years old, it is rumored that both of them became a couple. Surprising as it may sound but different sources have said that Miley was Posey’s first serious relationship.
  • Tyler Posey and Mackenzie Rosman: Posey and Rosman were also rumored to be dating for one year. This was Posey’s second relationship after breaking up with Miley.
  • Tyler Posey and Danielle Campbell: Danielle Campbell is an actress who was rumored to be dating One Direction’s star Louis Tomlinson. While in a relationship with Tomlinson, Campbell was seen kissing Tyler Posey in a studio. The images were circulated like a storm in social media and many fans didn’t like Campbell for cheating on Tomlinson and this ultimately proved to be the end of their relationship. Nothing else also appeared about her relationship with Posey and that was the end of that.
  • Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne: Tyler Posey dated actress Bella Thorne from September 2016 till December 2016. During their short lived romance, there was an incident involving Bella Thorne cheating on Posey with Charlie Puth. When the incident surfaced on the social media fans came out in thousands for Posey’s support and called out Bella Thorne for cheating on her boyfriend. She and Charlie Puth both apologized to Tyler for dragging him into this messy situation and for getting him into the media eyes for all the wrong reasons.

Maid in Manhattan Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey played the role of Jennifer Lopez son in the movie Maid in Manhattan. His character named Ty Ventura was a 10 year old boy living with his single mother who works as a maid in a hotel in Manhattan. Ty befriends Lopez’s character love interest in the movie played by Ralph Fiennes. In the movie the three of them spend time together doing different fun activities. Ralph’s character Christopher Marshall was oblivious to the fact that Ty’s mother Marisa Ventura was a maid in the hotel in which he was staying because when he met her she was wearing a Dolce and Gabbana made dress which made him think that she was another wealthy guest at the hotel. When the truth about Marisa’s identity reached out Marshall left him. But on Ty’s insistence of forgiving people for making mistakes he came to her and the three then started a new life together.


Tyler Posey Preferred or Non Preferred beard

Even though his character in the TV series Teen Wolf is a clean shaved boy, Tyler Posey has said in some interviews that he would prefer that his show producers and director would allow him to grow a beard for his character. He said that to maintain his clean shaven look he has to constantly shave his face something which he doesn’t like, and also this causes acnes on his face which meant more time in the makeup trailer to cover all that spots. So for him the ideal situation for his character would be that they allow him to grow a beard.